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on Monday, May 11, 2009

Shaun and I just got back from 3 great days in Leavenworth. We spent most of our time hiking around town and out along the Wenatchee River. Rain was in the forecast, but we lucked out and had nothing but mild, sunny days.

When we arrived on Wednesday afternoon, we got checked into our room then hit the pavement. I didn't get many pictures of the town itself, but it's everything you remember or imagine of a Bavarian town. Quaint buildings full of trinket stores, fudge shops, bakeries, and my favorite, wine shops! We hit up most of Front Street that day, then back to the hotel early to get rested for day two.

Thursday morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine and took full advantage. A quick breakfast in the hotel, and off to Enchantment park to walk the trails along the river.

They were so beautiful and well maintained, great for a morning hike! We watched flocks of birds skirting the banks, young trout jumping in the ponds, and read up on the history of the river. Spring time is wonderful to catch all the new growth...
We finished the afternoon and evening tasting our way around all the local winery tasting rooms. In the past couple of years, 8 new wineries have sprouted in town. Most only sell locally, so the wines aren't easily found over here, but they were wonderful! I think my wine rack is almost stocked again :)

For this last night in town, we hit up a fantastic place for a quiet dinner. Pavz is a small restaurant, open kitchen, one waiter, and 8 tables, none sitting more than 4. Local wines and beers were featured against a small but delicious menu. If you ever get a chance to head across Stevens Pass, I would highly recommend you check out this wonderful spot!

Friday morning, and more sunshine. We took another nature walk before heading out of town. Three quick days only a short drive away....Just another great reason to love this state of ours!


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Looks like so much fun...I TOTALLY want to go base don your post..

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