Sunday's just won't be the same...

on Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last weekend, our Puyallup Parks n' Rec team took second place for the winter season. I was asked to play in place of Melanie. At the beginning of the season, she didn't think she would have time to play, but luckily, she came back! We had a blast, through the ups and downs. Here are a couple highlights of our last night (turn down your volume for the videos):

Here's Melanie, dominating the net (red shirt on far side)

I still got some hammer skills (I'm in all black, with my back to camera)

Tom, Lynnette, and the kids came!

Mel and I, together again!

Our Camera Man :)


Mel- Tall Mom on the Run said...

He got my block on video...SWEET!! Next season we will be #1

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